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SAP Ext At Chantry View

15 Chantry View is an existing property that has been extended under the extruding bedroom on the first floor. What was a sheltered entrance to the garden area is now a beautiful sun lounge, made mostly from glazing.

E2 Consultants were approached to undertake the SAP Extension Calculations to show compliance with the building regulations due to a large amount of glazing.

We produced a 3D model of the building so the surface areas could be extrapolated and used in the calculation. We produced a notional building calculation with the extension built to L1B Standards and the glazing as required.

The glazing was required to be <=25% of the floor area and a proposed estimation was calculated as to find the exact amount of glazing required for the build.

The property shows compliance as the extension is well insulated and has windows of a high enough specification to minimise heat loss through due to the large amount of glazing.

E2 Specialist Consultants
February 18 at 2:17pm
Fantastic building to be working at today, the new Thatchers Cider Offices in somerset, with impressive air tightness results and state of the art technology and design. #QualityBuilding

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SAP Ext At Chantry View