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BB93 at YAMD School

YAMD School is a newly built school in North Wales primarily for children with special needs to provide suitable learning facilities that can cater to their needs.

E2 Consultants were asked to undertake BB93 Sound Testing and Air Testing at the school to ensure compliance with the standards, as well as for the BREEAM requirements.

The building was tested for the following: Sound insulation between teaching areas, reverberation times in teaching areas, background noise levels in teaching areas.

Upon receiving the drawings from the client, our sound consultants analysed them and produced an action plan schedule for testing. This outlined to the client which rooms were required to be accessible, giving a heads up to any workers prior to the test.

The test was completed successfully and the results indicated that the building had achieved the required scores under the BB93 Regulations for all areas tested, apart from one room that had failed the reverberation time measurement.

E2 discussed options with the client regarding how the failed could be rectified. Once the remedial works were completed, E2 attended the site to re-test the room which subsequently passed due to adding more sound absorption to the walls.

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August 12 at 1:50pm
Air testing a new build quality detached house in Cheltenham. again another successful test with a repeat customer who has perfect preparation in how the build was conducted with airtightness in mind. #E2eductatingclients

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BB93 At YAMD School