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Portsmouth Air Testing Information

At E2 Consultants we provide air tests, air tightness tests and air pressure testing in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

We offer Air Testing throughout Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Our experienced Air Testing assessors will also be happy to offer advice on the best ways to gain your target rating. The number of properties to be tested should be in accordance with the following table:

Air Testing - Portsmouth

At E2 Consultants we offer Air Testing throughout Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Our experienced Air Testing assessors will also be happy to offer advice on the best ways to gain your target rating.

The dwellings that make up the test sample are to be chosen by the Building Control Body (BCB) as well as the pressure tester. When selecting the dwellings it should be taken into account that half of the tests for each type should be scheduled during construction of the first 25% of that type. All results, including failures, should be reported back to the BCB. Undertaking the test early in the project means any adjustments can be made before the majority of construction is complete.

According to Part L1a, an air pressure test needs to be undertaken on 50% of all dwelling types or three units of each type depending on which value is smaller. A block of flats is considered as a separate development and should be treated as such no matter on the number of blocks on the site. Furthermore, the testing should be done on the first batch of each type of dwelling to be completed. The need to test multiple versions of each type is to confirm the design and construction procedures are up to code according to Government regulations.


Area (m2)

Leakage Rates (m3/hr at 50Pa)
5 7.5 10 15 20 25
2000 0.51 0.76 1.01 1.52 2.03 2.54
5000 1.27 1.90 2.54 3.80 5.07 6.34
7500 90 2.85 3.80 5.71 7.61 9.51
10000 2.54 3.80 5.07 7.61 10.14 12.68
12500 3.17 4.75 6.34 9.51 12.68 15.85
15000 3.80 5.71 7.61 11.41 15.21 19.02
20000 5.07 7.61 10.14 15.21 20.29 25.36

Air Testing is sometimes referred to as an Air Pressure Test, Envelope Test or an Air Permeability Test.

It is a requirement under the Building Regulations 2015 Part L that new dwellings in Portsmouth must pass an Air Testing prior to occupation; this test certificate must be produced for the dwelling to be signed off by local Portsmouth building control.

The report has all the details required by the regulations to indicate that a valid test has been performed.

To carry out such a test with accurate results, we require some general requirements to be made available at the time of the test:

1. SAP Design air pressure test figure

2. Electricity supply

3. Water supply to enable traps to be filled./p>

We will seal all of the intentional leakage areas in the house prior to testing. These include: fireplaces, extractor fans, exhaust fans, trickle vents and the odd uninstalled component. Everything else will have to stay 'as is' in the property.

It's strongly suggested that if you've never had a test before, that you review our air pressure / tightness pre-test checklist below.

Air Tightness Pre-Test Checklist

For a quote or for more information, call our Portsmouth air tightness / pressure testing consultant on 0239 366 0106 or email

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