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Do I Need An Air Leakage Test?

Domestic properties and commercial buildings over a certain size must have a passing air leakage certificate before the property can be handed over following a sale. All new buildings in England and Wales have had this requirement since 2006 and in Scotland this has been mandatory since 2010.

On a large plot of new houses that are built to a similar specification, only a sample of the houses will need to be air tested. This is outlined in Part L of Government building regulations.

We offer air leakage testing throughout Glasgow where our experienced assessors will be happy to offer advice on the best ways to gain your air permeability rating. Planning your test in advance will help us determine how many tests you'll need ahead of time per property.

What Air Permeability Rating Do I Need?

Your air permeability rating resembles the amount of uncontrolled air that's leaking from the dwelling. A passing score in Glasgow is 10 m³/(h.m²). If the air test fails, we will help you identify where these leakage areas occur in the hope that a passing rate will be achieved following a re-test.

When Should The Test Take Place?

A building envelope will need to be completed before the air test takes place - which should be one of the last surveys undertaken once all the walls, windows, doors etc. are complete and sealed. This ensures no air will escape and prevent drafts through the property which will in-turn improve your air permeability score.

How Many Properties Need An Air Tightness Test?

If you have 4 or less properties of the same type then only one test needs to be undertaken per type. If you have more than 4 but less than 40 dwellings of a type then you need at least two tests to be done on each type. Finally, if there are more than 40 properties of a particular type then at least 5% of each type needs to be tested UNLESS the first 5 get a passing score - then this can be dropped to just 2%.

What Does An Air Leakage Test Involve?

Air tests cannot be carried out if the wind speed is more than 13mph - 3 metres per second is the ideal wind speed when undertaking an air test in Glasgow. An air test involves placing a large fan, or several fans, to an opening within the property; usually a doorway. The fans will increase and decrease in speed that will in-turn change the building's air pressure and record the results.

There should be no outside access once the test has begun for approximately 90 minutes so plan accordingly. Workers can still do their job inside the property, within reason, though may feel some discomfort due to the noise of the fan and the draught that will be felt throughout the building.

Whilst the air tightness test is being undertaken, furniture will not be affected but smaller items such as paper must be held down or removed completely so they're not blown about. The pressure of the room will be tested and as such all windows and doors that lead outside must be securely closed to avoid them swinging open and the test being abandoned. Similarly, all internal doors should be wedged open to avoid being slammed shut.

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