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Sustainability Statements Explained - A report to demonstrate how a scheme will address local ‘core policies’ set by Peacehaven council. They will typically cover all aspects of development form, which can contribute to securing high standards of sustainable development.

Sustainability Statements often cover the following information:

  • Ecological aspects to complement the proposed developments for fauna and flora
  • Best practise management of site
  • Material usage - responsible sourcing and environmental impact
  • The energy efficiency of the building
  • Water resources
  • Pollution issues - reducing need for mechanical cooling
  • Drainage action and flood risk
  • Community impacts
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Health and Well-being incl. thermal comfort and day-lighting analysis

Many planning authorities now require a planning application to include an extensive Sustainability Statement for a development. Well prepared, professional and competent statements can play a significant role in ensuring planning consent for a site. Many authorities also require evidence that submitted proposals will also achieve minimum levels of energy or CO2 reduction compared with Part L baselines.

Here at E2 Consultants we provide tailored and specialist guidance on sustainability issues to establish the most suitable and economical solutions wherever you are in the UK. We provide Sustainability Statements to support planning applications and we’ll fully consider regional planning complexities in the development of the statements, to help ensure these are as effective as possible.

We will consult with you to understand the approach that your project is seeking to take and advise you as to how best to meet the sustainability requirements laid out by planning authority. The planning authority may also require the development to achieve a particular BREEAM rating; credits are available within these schemes for utilising LZC technology to provide a percentage reduction in CO2 emissions. Our Statements seek to balance environmentally sound proposals with commercial viability. We are also experienced BREEAM Assessors and we can incorporate these standards also into our Sustainability Statements as required.

E2 provide Sustainability Statements that focus on the positive aspects of a scheme and demonstrate the commitment of the developer to ensuring the proposals will be sustainable.

These reports are commonly tailored to address specific/local planning policies.

Give us a call today to help you with your Sustainability Statement needs on 0800 043 8100.

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Sustainability Statements can also be known as:
Commercial Sustainability Statements, Sustainability Statement,

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