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Energy Statements In Peacehaven Information

Your Energy Statements addresses energy objectives such as CO2 emission reduction and renewable energy targets. Energy Statements (domestic) and SBEM Calculations (commercial) form the basis of the report. We will outline the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to reduce carbon emissions and integrate LZC renewable energy technologies, if feasible; they demonstrate the commitment to achieving a sustainable development.

Here at E2 Consultants we provide tailored and specialist guidance on energy issues to establish the most suitable and economical solutions wherever you are in the UK. We provide support planning and will fully consider regional planning intricacies in the development of the statement; to help ensure these are as effective as possible.

Your Energy Statements will usually cover:

  • Probability of district or community heating
  • Baseline annual predicted energy demand of the development (regulated and unregulated)
  • Contribution of each proposed renewable energy technology
  • The energy efficiency of the building
  • A run through of the benefits of various energy technologies
  • The total estimated reduction in the development's baseline carbon and/or energy emissions.
  • Heating, ventilation and lighting
  • Information on cost of technically feasible LZC/ renewable technologies incl. CHP

E2 can undertake your Energy Statements that will focus on the positive aspects of a scheme and demonstrate the commitment of the developer to ensuring the proposals will be sustainable. Give us a call today to discuss your energy statement on 020 3390 0301 or email

We will consult with you to understand the approach your project is taking and advise you as to how best to meet the energy requirements laid out by your Peacehaven local planning authority. The local planning authority may also require the development to achieve a particular Code for Sustainable Homes rating; credits are available within these schemes for utilising LZC technology to provide a percentage reduction in CO2 emissions.

The CO2 emission and energy targets can vary significantly between local authorities from anywhere between 8% to 35%; some councils have greener policies and that's why the targets tend to vary. Our statements seek to balance environmentally sound proposals with commercial viability. We are also experienced Code for Sustainable Homes Assessors and we can incorporate these standards into our your Energy Statements as required.

Our other services include:
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Energy Statements can also be known as:
LZC Report, Low Zero Carbon Report,

E2 Specialist Consultants
July 22 at 5:05pm
One of our office-based consultants is hard at work on the SBEM calculation for a commercial new build in Bristol, Avon. You can get yourself an SBEM quote from our website:

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