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Code Air Infiltration Survey In Bristol

Examples of what Code Air Infiltration Survey can be used for are as follows:

  • Flooding and water ingress
  • Determine envelope cladding, de-lamination, bonding and rendering faults
  • Leakage areas within a construction unseen by the human eye
  • Lack of insulation from construction or deterioration
  • Finding underfloor heating pipe work
  • Check door and window seal fit against air leakages
  • Insulation consistency for BREEAM credits
  • Improve your energy efficiency by locating heat loss in your home to pin point where insulation is needed

Code Air Infiltration Survey in Bristol can be used to unearth multiple issues within properties / buildings.

They're a non-intrusive method of examining buildings and can cover a large area quickly and efficiently. It does this by showing varying surface temperature readings, making it clearer to see as an image.

E2 Consultants employ qualified Level 2 surveyors who can easily undertake your Code Air Infiltration Survey using one of our state of the art infrared thermal cameras.

Following the survey, our expert surveyors will have their thermal images analysed and presented back to the client with a detailed report of what each image shows and whether a fault is detected. From these images, a conclusion is drawn up of their findings and what, if any, retrospective action will need to be taken.

Here at E2, we have a survey and a surveyor to fit your requirements. Our integrity is guaranteed to bring you the best results.

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Code Air Infiltration Survey can also be known as:
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In Peterborough, Cambridgeshire is where our engineer is undertaking two full sets of sound tests. This includes four wall airborne, four floor airborne and four floor impact tests that's undoubtedly going to take most of the day.

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