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Sound Insulation Testing for new or refurbished dwellings

In compliance with Part E of the Building Regulation in Cardiff and nationwide, we actively encourage clients to seek our services at the earliest opportunity.

It is possible that the noise mitigation measures required in some instances, could dictate significant changes to external and internal layouts. Therefore our early involvement could remove the need for costly revisions.

As part of our service in Cardiff we can also offer advice on the additional requirements of Approved Document Part E including the control of reverberation in common areas and the performance of internal walls and floors.

Our consultants at Cardiff can guide you through the process to ensure the best possible chance of achieving sound test passes. Call 029 2193 0147 or email

E2 Consultants in Cardiff are specialists in the provision of high quality and practical acoustic consultancy to both the public and private sectors; typically working with residential and commercial developers, architects, planning consultants, industry, local planning authorities and environmental services.

Pre-Completion Testing - The following table outlines the sets of tests required for new and converted properties:

Property Types Test Requirements

Dwelling-houses Including bungalows

Normally, one set of tests should comprise of two individual Sound Insulation Tests (SITs)(two airborne tests):1. Living room (wall) And 2.Bedroom (wall)

Flats with separating floor but not walls

Normally, one set of tests should comprise of four individual SITs (2 x airborn, 2 x impact): 1. Living room (Airborn), 2.Living room (Impact), 3. Bedroom (airborn) and 4. Bedroom (Impact)

Flats with separating floor and walls

Normally, one set of tests should comprise of six individual SITs (4 x airborne, 2 x impact): 1. living room/living room (floor, airborne), 2. living room/living room (floor, impact), 3. bedroom/bedroom (floor, airborne), 4. bedroom/bedroom (floor, impact), 5. living room/living room (wall, airborne) and 6. bedroom/bedroom (wall, airborne)

Rooms for Residential Purposes

To conduct a set of tests, the sound insulation between the main rooms should be measured according to the principals set out above for new buildings and material change of use, but adapting them to suit the circumstances.

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