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The Government has made a commitment by 2050. To reduce carbon emissions in the UK, overall by 80% the improvement of new and existing dwellings in Radcliffe will contribute a key role in achieving this target. To hit these carbon reduction targets, both new and existing homes in Radcliffe must be more energy efficient. This is rated on new homes by having a Code Assessment. The implementation of the CODE is managed by BRE Global under contract to the Dept for Communities and Local Government under arrangements based on the EcoHomes operating systems.

A Sustainable Homes in and around Radcliffe is the assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new dwellings; in Wales it is known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme. Launched In England in December 2006, it became operational in April 2007 as the national standard for sustainable design and construction of new homes. Since the 1st of May 2008 the developer of any new home in Radcliffe a must have a mandatory rating against the Code

The Building Industry needs to perform in a more sustainable way in Radcliffe .The Government has introduced new national standards for the design and construction of new dwellings in Radcliffe . Code for Sustainable Homes (Code assessment) or the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is the means of measurement and assessment now required.

The Governments policy is that Code (C4SH) is now the national standard to be adhered to in the design and construction of sustainable dwellings, this will drive huge improvements in the way homes are built and the specific building practices being used.

It is a compulsory requirement for all new dwellings in England to have undertaken a Code assessment .This Information on the Code rating must be made available to potential purchasers via the Home Information Pack (HIP).The Code rating will state at what level the home has been built to.

Code Assessments (C4SH) have a rating system from one (1) to six (6) stars to show the overall sustainability performance of a new dwelling. One is the lowest rating and six the highest. A six star rated home is also classed as being zero carbon. Code assessments in Radcliffe set a minimum requirement for energy and water usage at different levels of the Code.

Code is measured by a weighted scoring system over 9 specific categories, this, when scored defines which code level the dwelling has reached.

Code at level six, is an aspirational standard which requires zero carbon emissions to be produced from the dwelling. Codes definition of a zero carbon home is a dwelling where the net carbon dioxide emissions resulting from ALL the energy used in the dwelling is at zero or better.

Code assessments in Radcliffe can only be carried out by a qualified and accredited Code Assessor. Assessments are generally a two-stage process: after Pre assessment, with the Design Stage, which leads to an interim certificate. This is followed by the Post Construction Stage, where the final certificate is issued. Evidence has to be collated and used to determine the rating via the number of credits that are awarded for each element. A summary report is submitted by the Code Assessor to the Code Service Provider for quality assurance and certification.

All proposed sites, dwellings and developments requiring an assessment should be registered with the Code Assessors accreditation body as early as possible. A proposed development can only be registered against the current version of the Code. Sites which have been registered in Radcliffe against a previous version can be re-registered under the current version of the Technical Guide. Each registration is valid only for a maximum of 5 years between the expiry of the Technical Guide version it was submitted against and the submission of the design stage report.

There is no time scale once a project assessment has started on the delivery of the Post Construction Stage report.

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