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Erith DSM & Thermal Modelling

Both SBEM & Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) are approved methods for achieve compliance through energy assessments, however DSM provides a significantly more accurate and complex assessment. In the majority of cases DSM offers the design team significant benefits.

What is Dynamic Simulation Modelling

This service is similar to SBEM, Dynamic Simulation Modelling provides a calculation of the predicted energy consumed within a commercial building, through the modelling of the building’s features.

DSM allows for accurate investigation of the following areas:

  • iSBEMs (A more accurate way of assessing part L2a & L2b compliance)
  • Sun Cast and Solar Shading Analysis
  • Multi Zone Air Movement Simulation
  • Daylight Analysis
  • Dynamic Thermal Modelling, Simulation & Calculation
  • Natural and Electric Lighting Simulation
  • HVAC Systems Simulation and Selection
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

When used early in the design processes, calculations of predicted energy consumption through the modelling a building’s specifications can help in improving a buildings design and performance with the potential for reducing both development and operational costs. At later stages this way of modelling can be used in the testing, fine-tuning and implementation of design features, pushing them to their full potential.

What’s involved?

The process involves taking designs and building specifications for a project, representing them in a 3D software model and running a simulation over a period of time to provide detailed results. Dynamic Simulation Modelling use historical weather information and accurate sun path analysis to run calculations at multiple stages of the year.

E2 Consultants employ fully accredited Low Carbon Consultant with CIBSE and is qualified to Level 5. Please call us to discuss IES software and how it can enable you to design your building smarter, analyse sunpaths and natural ventilation options and minimise energy demand and CO2 emissions.

Our DSM quotes in Erith can include:

  • Design Stage and As built Stage DSM Part L/F Compliant Calculations and BRUKL Report
  • Draft Energy Certificates
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) / Building Energy Rating (BER)
  • BREEAM Assessment*

This means we can provide you with Level 5 EPCs, BRUKLs and Thermal Modelling as well as calculating CIBSE loads and reporting extensively on building performance.

The use of Dynamic Simulation Modelling can be used to help gain additional BREEAM credits for the following categories:

  • Glare Control
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Daylighting
  • Energy & CO2 Emissions
  • Low or Zero Carbon Technologies

Our other services include:
Workplace Noise, Part E / BB93, Asbestos Surveys, BREEAM Credit Reports, DSM / Thermal Modelling, Sustainability Statements, Fire Risk Assessment, Room Integrity Testing, Thermal, SBEM Calculations (BER/TER), Commercial Air Testing, Acoustic Testing, Environmental Noise, Display Energy Certificates, Commercial EPCs,

Thermal Comfort Calculations can also be known as:
Thermal Comfort Calculation, Dynamic Simulation Modelling, DSM Thermal Modelling, DSM & Thermal Modelling,

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