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E2 Consultants offer an extensive range of services in relation to the measurement and prediction of noise within two primary sectors: Environmental Acoustics and Building and Architectural Acoustics.

Environmental noise is a major issue in most countries, especially in areas of high population, though the sources of noise and their adverse effects on our well being are varied. The typical noise sources are from industrial sites, construction work, road traffic, animals, aircraft and entertainment venues. All of these noises can have different characteristics such as continuous, intermittent, broadband and tonal.

More people are affected by noise from transportation sources than any other. For road, rail and air transport, there are established and recommended methods for predicting the noise. E2 Consultants provides all necessary measurements, assessments and technical capability to support the noise and vibration input into an Environmental Statement.

There is a number of different assessment and standards available:

  • New Road Scheme
  • Assessment and monitoring of quarries and construction sites
  • Environmental noise studies for major housing schemes
  • Road traffic noise assessments and railway noise assessments
  • Industrial Noise (BS4142) Assessments

Our reports clearly demonstrate measured sound levels experienced at the development site which are then compared against British Standards (BS 8233, BS5228 etc), World Health Organisation Standards and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to determine acceptability of the measured noise levels.

Where mitigation measures are required to reduce noise to an acceptable level, these are discussed and agreed with the design team, and then incorporated into the report.

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Commercial Sound Testing Environmental Noise can also be known as:
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